<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/16/51/22/171127102315.jpg?t=1547621987"><br>BRING YOUR IMAGINATION when viewing this 2BR, 1BA ranch home. Three parcels (House - 56A-6-F49; Garage - 56A-6-F11.01; Side Lot - 56A-6-F51) all on 1 deed for a total of .31 acres.Originally a mobile home includes 2 additions were added over the years. The enclosed porch provides additional storage while the rear addition can be used as an additional room and includes a handicap ramp for ease accessing the home. The detached building, previously a store, includes 3 bays, office space and workshop. There's also 3 sheds and a screened in porch on top of one of the sheds to enjoy the views!<br>